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Become a Sponsor!

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Want to be a part of the fun?

Become a sponsor and help crown the new Miss Strip 'n' Slide 2020 on Saturday 30th November, 2019

As a sponsor, your brand will be promoted across multiple platforms, accounts and national brands!
All our contestants will even sport your branded merch!

We welcome all to apply from within our industry:

  • Pole Dance Companies

  • Adult Stores

  • Apparel Brands

  • Liquor Brands

What does your business receive in return for sponsorship?

As a company we currently hold an audience on social media of 14,000+ strong and that audience is only growing. Not only that but 2 of our pageants - Miss Nude and Exotic Angels - have audience numbers of 70,000+ combined and are in contract to promote our Queensland pageants.  

This competition will be heavily promoted Australia wide and seen by thousands of potential consumers.

This event will be professionally managed by Club Vixen's Gentleman's Bar & Lounge.

Advertising will be on Online and Printed and we will have the pleasure of using your company Logo on all advertising material throughout the competition, which is expected to reach thousands of potential clients.

These will include: 

  • High quality printed leaflets

  • Specially printed business cards made for distribution for the competition. 

  • Paid marketing ads on social media

  • High quality printed posters

  • 4 x T.V Screens within the club promoting the event 2 months prior and throughout the competition.  

  • Professionally designed Banners to be placed outside the club in Queen Street Mall, Brisbane City which is the central hub of shopping in Brisbane.

Promotion of these competitions will span over a 7 week period, maximising your sponsorship investment.


Your company will also be promoted to our entire clientele base, entertainer team (who, as you know, are a massive consumer market for your industry), visiting and touring showgirls.
Exotic dancers are always supportive of new products and support local and interstate industries, by using the products and especially word of mouth. 


Large amount of website traffic through

Depending on your level of sponsorship, you will be given 2 x passes to attend so representatives of your company will able to attend with a complimentary bottle of champagne on arrival on the night(s) of the pageants. 

The pageants we are running are:

  • Miss Exotic Angels Queensland 2019 - Thursday May 2nd 2019

  • Miss Nude Queensland 2019 - Week of Monday 22nd July 2019

  • Miss Strip 'n' Slide 2019 - Saturday December 21st 2019

Don't worry... we aren't going to be asking for ridiculous amounts of money. 

Instead we ask that you provide one or more of the following sponsorship variations:

  • Supply of products for competitors' packs

  • Supply of sashes, trophies etc

  • Monetary Sponsorship:
    - Silver Level $500
    - Gold Level $750
    - Platinum Level $1000 includes a spot on the judging panel


We value your support of our pageants so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask or if you are interested, please reply promptly discuss your sponsorship options.


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