Exotic Angels Queensland 2020 Dates:


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Exotic Angels Queensland 2020 Terms and Conditions:

  • Exotic Angels Queensland 2020 Competitions is open only to females 18 years and over married or single.

  • All entrants must be eligible to work in Australia. Visas will be required to be shown on application.

  • The state finals will be held at Club Vixen Gentleman's Bar & Lounge, Brisbane City, Queensland exclusively.

    In the lead up to the state finals:

  • All entrants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements, Airfare itinerary and accommodation booking must be emailed to scarlett@clubvixen.com.au 14 days prior to the state finals.

  • Contestants are welcome to work within Club Vixen Gentleman's Bar & Lounge before or after the contest. Please contact the contest coordinator for further information scarlett@clubvixen.com.au

  • Contestant are required to attend a competitors' meeting to where performance order will drawn at Club Vixen Gentleman's Bar & Lounge prior to the event at 4.00pm. All draws are final.

    During the course of the state finals:

  • Contestants are required to arrive at Club Vixen Gentleman's Bar & Lounge by 7.30pm of the scheduled heat date.

  • Contestants are not to interact directly or indirectly with any of the competition judges prior or during the contest period. To do so, will result in disqualification.

  • Contestants are required to remain within the Club Vixen Gentleman's Bar & Lounge until the final scores are announced. Failure to do so will void any prize or titles.

  • All contestants must drink responsibility.

  • Fire shows are not permitted due to Queensland regulations. No exceptions.

  • Shower shows, use of oil products and sharp objects are allowed to be used however any props used must be safe and conform to Club Vixen's  w.h.&.s policies.

  • Our change room is fitted with CCTV. If you’re lose or misplace any props, costumes or personal belongings our staff will endeavour to return them to you however Club Vixen Gentleman's Bar & Lounge or its staff are not responsible for any loss or damages.

  • All judges’ decisions and scores are final unless the contestant voids the Exotic Angels Queensland 2020 rules during or after the contest.

    Competition Routine:

  • Competition shows must choreographed.

  • Competition shows must be themed.

  • Props and Costumes are of the contestant's choosing.

  • Any contestants under the influence of drugs will be disqualified and reported to the authorities.

  • Interaction with the crowd is allowed however you must obey the wishes of the audience.

  • Performance will be 10 minutes in duration
    Music list must be supplied and be of high quality (USB only)
    Any props used must be safe and conform to Club Vixen Gentleman's Bar & Lounge o.h.&.s policies
    At the end of your stage performance, you are required to be fully naked.
    You will be allowed 10 minutes to set up your stage with props. (limitations to the size of props due to the stage size)

  • Contestants are required to do a wet show.

  • Drop sheets must be used/supplied by contestant.

  • Human props can be used but in no way can they be a part of your show/performance. (They can carry you on stage/take shoes off/hand a prop to you).

  • No oil based liquids are allowed to be used (Club Vixen Gentleman's Bar & Lounge W.H. & S policies)
    No powders/flour that can become a slipping hazard can be used (Club Vixen Gentleman's Bar & Lounge W.H. & S policies)


  • You hereby give consent to Club Vixen Gentleman's Bar & Lounge to record, copy, edit, adapt, modify, distribute or exhibit any image, likeness, voice and / or transcript, in whole or in part, in any form or media, and including the right to sub license these rights for promotional/publicity purposes for an undefined period of time.

  • The organiser’s of Exotic Angels Queensland cannot be held responsible for any events beyond their immediate control and will not be held liable for any damages or loss under any circumstance.

  • Each entrant is required to complete and sign this entry form, which constitutes acceptance of all rules and conditions.

  • In the case of any reason, the winner of Exotic Angels Queensland 2020 is unable to participate into the national final at Hollywood Showgirls Gold Coast, Exotic Angels Queensland management has the right to give the opportunity to the first runner-up to compete in the national final.