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How to Plan a Great Bachelor Party for a Friend

You might be wondering about how to plan a bachelor party for your mate. While it can be fun to attend one, planning one is a different task entirely. Planning a bucks party that the whole entourage (and especially the groom) won’t forget requires some real attention. While it’s usually a celebration before the groom gets married, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating the end of their bachelorhood with a night of adult entertainment—especially here at Club Vixen. Try these tips and tricks when it's time to plan for the groom:

1. Make it a Fun and Stress-Free Event

The bachelor party is meant to be a time of fun and celebration. Keep the event relaxed and fun for everyone. In some cases, this is the first time that you will be spending quality time with your friends during the planning process. It's a great opportunity for you and your friends to make memories that will last a lifetime.

2. Plan Ahead

It's important to find a balance of activities that will keep the night interesting for everyone. You could have a day or two of activities planned for the week or weekend of the wedding. Having a few options will give you time to pick your favorite activities for the big night. You and your best men should decide what you do and where you go.

If possible, have the other groomsmen join you for a few activities. If you enjoy playing golf, find a golf course in your area and make a tee time for the bachelor party. If you're more of a beer drinker, try playing a few games of pool or darts at the local bar. And of course, to end a day of sport and drinks, going to a gentlemen’s club never fails to liven a bachelor party. As with all activities you want to get after, booking ahead of time ensures that you and your mates get the proper send-off party.

3. Figure Out What the Groom Might be Up For

Try fishing around months beforehand if the groom would enjoy an exciting night of adult entertainment. If you plan to spring a wild night of naked lap dances at Club Vixen on them, it should be absolutely certain that it will neither get them in trouble nor make them uncomfortable.

Before you call in an entertainer to give the groom a lap dance, make sure everyone involved is okay with it. After all, the fun can only be had if everyone consents to it.

4. Keep it Contained to Your Group

The bachelor party should be a small, private event with a few of the groom’s closest friends. Some grooms prefer to keep it a small event and don't want to plan anything large. Make sure that you only involve the people that you know the groom trusts and want to include in the event. Remember to pick guys that will enjoy the activities you choose. If there are guys in your group that have never experienced what it’s like going to a strip club, we’ve prepared some handy tips to make sure the night stays fun and safe.

5. Keep it Safe

You want to choose activities that are safe and fun for everyone. Avoid choosing anything that involves drinking and driving. Go to a spot that is easy for you to leave and has transportation available. There are many options available for bachelor party transportation and limousine services. These services will allow you to get to and from your chosen spots safely.

6. Bring the Right Gear

Gentlemen, when you head out for the big night, make sure that you have the right outfit and accessories. You want to look your best and feel good. Make sure that you have everything that you need to have a good time. If you're planning a night out at the club, make sure that you have your most fashionable outfit ready to go. Looking your best will make you feel your best and will let you enjoy the night, no matter what happens. If you’ve booked the bucks party to a strip club, having cash on hand will make tipping the dancers go a lot smoother since you won’t keep going to the ATM.

For a night the whole party will remember, book your bachelor party here at Club Vixen. We cater to parties of all sizes, taking the time to ensure that you and your mates have the best time possible before the big day. Your bucks night guests will have an unforgettable time thanks to delicious cuisine, beverages, and service that's second to none in any other gentlemen's club in Brisbane. We offer multiple bachelor party options so whatever type of send-off you’re looking for, we will have it covered.

If you’re looking for a gentleman's club in Brisbane to celebrate your big night? Visit Club Vixen today to have a night to remember!

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